My Story and Why I’m Selling CBD Oil

Whilst I am legally unable to give medical advice* or advertise CBD Oil as a means of medically treating diseases and medical ailments, I can say from the outset, that this is my testimony and there are literally thousands of stories like it all over the internet.

Three years ago my father passed away when he had a sudden heart attack. His death was very difficult for me because for the most part of our lives our relationship was tumultuous. In the last few months of his life we were restoring our relationship. He was apologising for being so hard on me during my childhood. It was healing. I was about to get to the place in our weekly visits of apologising to him, for my part in our relationship. However he died before I could do that. It was traumatic!

It took a number of months to grieve and process the personal impact of his death. Six months later I stopped sleeping. I went from sleeping 8 hours per night to being a chronic insomniac. Some nights I did not sleep at all. I began to develop an anxiety disorder and my general health declined. I went to a number of medical doctors who prescribed me a host of pharmaceutical drugs to treat my ailments. After several visits to the doctors and multiple prescriptions, my anxiety and insomnia was not under control in the way I needed it to be. I also had some horrific side effects from the prescribed medications: dizzy spells, bouts of unstable emotions, a sense of mental impairment the next day, highly unusual dreams and chemical dependence.

It was not until I began to see a clinical psychologist, to help me process the trauma of my father’s loss, that I began to experience relief from anxiety and insomnia. During one of our sessions, my therapist told me about CBD oil and how it had helped her with anxiety and sleep. Immediately after the session I began to make enquiries about where to get it. It was very difficult to get hold of. However I eventually found some and tried it for myself. I was shocked because from the very first time that I used it, it eased my anxiety within 15 minutes. I began to experience sleep shortly after that. Also there were no side effects!

Whilst it was emotionally difficult for the next two years dealing with the grief of my father’s passing, I found CBD oil as a breakthrough in promoting calm and sleep. I have always felt uncomfortable taking prescription medications because of their harsh side effects. I found CBD oil as an amazing natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. I have been a CBD oil user ever since. I no longer experience the anxiety disorder that I had and I am sleeping eight hours per night, every night! I personally believe CBD oil is God’s provision to helping me in this journey. After all it is 100% natural and 100% effective.

Now I am passionate about CBD oil. As a result, I have literally made it my business to get CBD oil into the hands of anyone who is seeking for it. There are literally thousands of people who, like me have experienced the similar benefits from CBD oil. 

By Grant Williams

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